Re-Engaging Disengaged Students with Project-Based Learning

Over 15 years, Star Academy has proven itself a leader in re-engaging students who have become uninterested in learning, have fallen behind, and are at risk of dropping out of school.


An All-Inclusive, STEM-Driven “School-Within-a-School”

The Star Academy program approaches student development in a holistic way. While rapidly advancing students academically, the program also imparts social skills such as responsibility, respect, collaboration, and timeliness – setting them up for a lifetime of success in school, the workforce, and as citizens of their communities.

NOLA Education acts as a true partner to its operating school districts rather than simply implementing the program and walking away. The NOLA team guides schools on student and staff selection, then provides comprehensive professional development, training, and year-round support.

Finally, Star Academy is all-inclusive, providing materials, technology, furnishings, and ongoing support. Schools supply only the educators and classrooms.

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Project-Based Core Curriculum

Star Academy incorporates robust curricula for science, math, English language arts, and social studies that meet or exceed standardized test knowledge – using a project-based approach widely proven to re-engage even the most disengaged students. Additionally, a research and development lab area acts as a “flex space” for collaborative projects, both for Academy students and the school community at large.

All learning is infused with hands-on and engaging multimedia experiences.


Comprehensive Career Exposure

Star Academy students explore over 50 career paths as they work through focused modules that align with their academic and job skill objectives. They’re exposed to nearly 100 more in the course of their active, hands-on lessons.

Community Connections

More than an academic and workforce development program, Star Academy helps students better understand the society around them and encourages engagement in their communities. Each program allots time for students to participate in local projects that reinforce their learning objectives, as identified by their teachers and confirmed relevant by NOLA Education Services team.

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Equipment and Materials

Star Academy is one of the only all-inclusive intervention programs in the U.S. It includes all student technologies, project equipment, materials, even furnishings.

Custom classroom environments make a fresh and invigorating difference the moment students enter. They invite interest and collaboration, a stark difference from the traditional lecture-based classroom that has left them disengaged and falling behind.

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What Students and Educators are Saying About Star Academy

“Attendance has improved, disciplinary referrals have dropped, scores are improving. Star Academy is bringing noticeable changes.”

Lockwood Bonin, Assistant Principal, Franklin Junior High School, Franklin, LA

“It is hands-on and you get help when you want it. There are no distractions, the classes are smaller, and everyone is working on their own thing.”

Caleb, Explore Academy, Pine Bluff, AR

“Star Academy addresses the whole student, and equipped me with the tools I need to reach them where they’re at – both academically and behaviorally.”

Melissa Harris, Science Teacher, Mobile County Schools

“My experience with Star Academy is fantastic. I love doing experiments every day that show you how it is in the real world.”

Student, Franklin Junior High School, Franklin, LA

“You should see the joy on the faces of students when they are completing the science experiments.”

Administrator, Explore Academy, Pine Bluff, AR

“Star Academy is a life changer and I’m glad I did it. I encourage any student who needs to get back on track to be part of it.”

Dylan Lawrence, Former Student, George County Schools

“One of the main things parents say is that it gave them hope, and continues to give them hope, for their child’s future.”

Robert Goler, Principal, Mobile County Schools

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