Success Through Partnership

Star Academy was created by educators, for educators. We understand the value, responsibility, and even stress that can come with the job. That's why we have a robust resource base of professional development and auxiliary services. We're here to offer support and walk with you every step of the way.

More Than a Curriculum. A Partnership.

The launch of a Star Academy is only the beginning. NOLA Education’s Star support staff remain dedicated partners throughout the year, standing by to help or answer any questions that might arise.

Support begins with comprehensive training and professional development.

It continues with on-site assistance, technical support and phone or email support, year-round.

A dedicated Education Support Specialist is also assigned to each Academy to act as the main point of contact.

Valuable Ongoing Professional Development

The program includes comprehensive on-site professional development to help educators optimally implement the new teaching style. As they absorb the Star Academy methodology, educators are also gaining valuable career knowledge that makes them more effective in their jobs – particularly when working with at-risk students.


Year-Round Support

NOLA Education’s team of support personnel is always standing by. They include Educational Support Specialists, Curricula Coaches, IT Technicians, and Program Liaisons. Experts customize the curriculum to meet each district’s unique needs and standards, prepare educators for the program rollout, then provide monthly on-site support for school staff.


Learning and Content Management

As educators, the creators of Star Academy were fully aware that learning and content management can make or break a classroom.

A fully-integrated, cloud-based content and learning management system is included in the program, enabling course scheduling, assessments, content delivery, and progress tracking – so teachers are freed to focus on students.

The learning and content management systems is fully supported by the NOLA Education IT team year-round.

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What Students and Educators are Saying About Star Academy

“Attendance has improved, disciplinary referrals have dropped, scores are improving. Star Academy is bringing noticeable changes.”

Lockwood Bonin, Assistant Principal, Franklin Junior High School, Franklin, LA

“It is hands-on and you get help when you want it. There are no distractions, the classes are smaller, and everyone is working on their own thing.”

Caleb, Explore Academy, Pine Bluff, AR

“Star Academy addresses the whole student, and equipped me with the tools I need to reach them where they’re at – both academically and behaviorally.”

Melissa Harris, Science Teacher, Mobile County Schools

“My experience with Star Academy is fantastic. I love doing experiments every day that show you how it is in the real world.”

Student, Franklin Junior High School, Franklin, LA

“You should see the joy on the faces of students when they are completing the science experiments.”

Administrator, Explore Academy, Pine Bluff, AR

“Star Academy is a life changer and I’m glad I did it. I encourage any student who needs to get back on track to be part of it.”

Dylan Lawrence, Former Student, George County Schools

“One of the main things parents say is that it gave them hope, and continues to give them hope, for their child’s future.”

Robert Goler, Principal, Mobile County Schools

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