Strong-Huttig School District provides Star Academy learning program to students


STRONG, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–On Tuesday, December 13, Strong High School held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome the district’s Star Academy Program.

According to Star Academy’s website, the star academy program is a comprehensive program that immerses students in core courses through a hands-on, project-based curriculum that re-engages them towards academic success.

“Our students are working independently as well as collaboratively with each other. The teachers act as a facilitator and the classroom is a student-centered classroom so it’s really good for our students who learn best by doing hands-on activities,” explained K-12 Principal Rhonda Perry.

El Dorado-Union County Chamber, Star Academy and school officials all joined for the celebration which included an in-depth look inside two classrooms currently learning under the program.

8th-grade student ambassador Dexton Howard explains, “It’s hands-on and it’s something that we really needed because we were getting behind.”

Yvanna Barnes is a 7th-grade student who transferred to the Strong-Huttig School District this year. She explains how the program has improved her core learning skills since moving to the district.

“At my old school, I was really failing in math. When I came here Star Academy showed me how to do it so I got a better grasp. I went from having a D or F in math to having a B or high C,” said Barnes.

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Written By: Scarlett Gully

Released: Dec 13, 2022 – 6:40PM CT

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