Star Academy Celebrates St. Mary Parish’s Teacher of the Year: Amy Gilliam


At NOLA Education, we take pride in the achievements of dedicated educators of Star Academy programs across the nation who go above and beyond to engage and inspire learners. Nothing makes us happier than to witness the success of educators who embody this spirit, and we are thrilled to share the story of Ms. Amy Gilliam, Science teacher at Franklin Junior High School and recent recipient of 2023 St. Mary Parish’s Teacher of the Year award.

Ms. Gilliam’s journey in education began in 2015 when she embraced the role of a middle school science teacher. Since then, her passion and commitment have propelled her to attain various recognitions, including Lead Science Content Teacher, Mentor Teacher, and Online instructor. Currently in the Education Leadership program at the University of Louisiana, Ms. Gilliam is a relentless advocate for the advancement of education.

Her recent accolade as Teacher of the Year was a delightful surprise to Ms. Gilliam. She humbly attributes this recognition not to overconfidence, but to the belief that hard work never goes unnoticed. As the 7th grade Science teacher for Franklin Junior High School’s Star Academy, she acknowledges the impact that Star Academy has had on her growth as an educator. In just one year of implementing the program in her classroom, she has witnessed its ability to provide avenues for her students to excel in STEM. “Star Academy has given me innovative approaches to teaching and facilitating their understanding of their learning objectives,” she shares.

“Ms. Gilliam’s unwavering dedication to her students is truly remarkable. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that every student receives an exceptional experience. Her genuine care and commitment shine through in everything she does,” adds J Ina, Principal at Franklin Junior High School.

Her dedication to education is deeply rooted in her desire to make a positive impact on her students’ lives and future choices. She believes that influencing students now can lead to them seeking guidance from her in adulthood or high school years. She also believes that the Star Academy program is helping fulfill the need for hands-on and real-life experiences, empowering her students to stay focused and overcome life’s challenges.

“To encourage students to stay focused, I emphasize to them that although life presents challenges, faith can empower each of them to overcome adversity and believe in themselves,” Ms. Gilliam explains. Her inspiration as an educator comes significantly from her principal, assistant principal, and students. Their encouragement motivates her to approach each day with the boundless energy and high expectations to navigate her daily lessons, and their unwavering support has been a significant part of her success.

At Star Academy, we believe that educators are true heroes, and Ms. Gilliam’s story exemplifies our mission to forge heroes by equipping teachers and students with the tools for success. We congratulate Ms. Amy Gilliam on this well-deserved honor and are proud to have her as part of our Star Academy Krewe. Her passion and dedication embody the spirit of excellence that defines our commitment to education and the success of every student, and we look forward to witnessing the continued impact she will undoubtedly have on the lives of her students.

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