NOLA Education Adds Pioneering iLearn Math to Star Academy Academic Intervention Program


Acquisition of Proven Prescriptive Math Program Further Strengthens Premier Solution for Serving At-Risk Students

NOLA Education announced the purchase of iLearn Math from iLearn, Inc., a pioneer in prescriptive math education with a 20-year history of success.

“We are thrilled to add this state-of-the-art, computer-based math program to our curriculum,” said John Alvendia, CEO of New Orleans-based NOLA Education. “iLearn Math will add important features to our math offering that will further advance our ability to help kids who are struggling or falling behind catch up to their peers.”

Founded and directed by leading educators and psychologists, iLearn has developed a sophisticated program for identifying gaps and weaknesses in a student’s math skills, then addressing them systematically through computer-based learning. The program includes a color-bar chart that clearly tracks individual progress as students methodically close learning gaps and advance in their abilities.

Importantly, iLearn Math incorporates math skills from K – 12, since some middle-school students might lack skills typically learned years earlier. “You have to go back and make sure those foundational skills are in place before moving forward,” said Alvendia. “One of the unique things about iLearn Math is that these early-year math lessons are built-in, along with the capability to identify whether a student needs to master them before moving on. It’s a complete solution.”

Bob Collins, Founder of iLearn, added that iLearn Math fills an important gap between group learning and labor-intensive individualized instruction. “Some kids need more attention than even small-group (Tier 2) learning can offer, but teachers just don’t have the time to work one-on-one with every student struggling in math. iLearn Math is highly individualized without requiring a lot of involvement on the part of the teacher.”

He went on to praise the program’s Response to Intervention (RTI), ensuring that skill assessment and prescriptive learning happens minute-by-minute rather than requiring weeks of monitoring.

“There is an AI aspect to iLearn Math that puts it at the forefront of math teaching technology,” said Alvendia. “It fully exploits the power of software to learn exactly what each kids needs and how to address the need, so they can forge ahead on without a lot of supervision.”

Underlying iLearn Math’s design are 20 years of intensive research into the most effective methods of teaching math. “Part of what we’re purchasing with this solution is the expertise embodied in the way lessons are delivered, refined over many years by very experienced instructors and psychologists,” said Virginia Robinson, Chief Education Officer at NOLA Education.

iLearn Math will take its place beside NOLA Education’s other Star Academy math offerings. “This won’t replace but will complement the strong program we already have in place,” Alvendia concluded. “We’ll continue to emphasize hands-on, project-based, STEM-inspired learning as the heart of our Star Academy program.”

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Written By: Guy Lyman, Communication Manager

Release Date: January 20, 2023

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