Embracing the Magic of Teaching: A Reflection on a Career in Education


Ginny, Chambliss, an educator with a passion for teaching and a heart full of memories, shares her experiences and advice as she prepares for retirement. Her story is a testament to the profound impact a teacher can have on students’ lives and the immeasurable joy that comes with connecting with them on a deeper level.

Ginny’s path to becoming an educator was a journey filled with twists and turns. She first started her career in computer science, working as a data entry clerk. However, the repetitive nature of the job left her feeling unfulfilled, and she yearned for a more purposeful occupation. That is when her own history intersected with her future career, as she decided to transition into teaching.

What makes Ginny’s journey truly remarkable is the role her sixth-grade math teacher played in shaping her career. Each time her former teacher needed a substitute, she called on Ginny to step in, laying the foundation for her journey into education. Her journey took her from teaching science with traditional methods – starting with demonstrations, followed by lectures, and concluding with labs – to a more student-centric approach that placed labs at the forefront of learning. She learned that her students came alive during hands-on experiments, igniting a spark in her to embrace a more engaging and interactive teaching style.

A pivotal moment in her career occurred when she started teaching at Star City, a school district that offered a project-based curriculum. This shift in teaching methodology led her to the world of engineering, and she fell in love with this dynamic and immersive approach to education. Eventually, she transitioned from teaching children to training teachers, sharing her wisdom and expertise to help others inspire and educate the next generation.

Throughout this, Ginny’s heart remained with her students, and her passion for teaching them never waned. A fortuitous encounter with an old principal brought her back to the classroom at Explore Academy, where she taught Star Academy Science to 7th-9th graders and continued to make a difference in the lives of young learners.

Ginny Chambliss’s retirement marks the end of an era, but her impact on her students and the education community is everlasting. When asked if she would consider teaching at another school, her response was heartfelt and resolute, “If I were to step into a classroom, I would never leave here. This is where I finish my teaching career, no matter how long I have.”

When asked what she has enjoyed the most about her time at Explore Academy, her answer speaks to the heart of teaching. She emphasized the value of relationships, both among students and teachers. Small schools like Explore foster a sense of community, where everyone knows each other, and mutual respect and understanding thrive. The connections forged between students and educators are an essential ingredient in the magic of teaching.

As Ginny prepares to bid farewell to her teaching career, she reflects on what she will miss the most: the students. The bonds she has formed with the young minds she has nurtured over the years are irreplaceable. Her legacy will live on through the lives she has touched and the knowledge she has imparted. As we bid farewell to a remarkable career, we celebrate the joy, fulfillment, and meaning that teaching brings to the lives of both teachers and students.

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