Leading the Parade of Excellence: Crissy Klober, 2023 Krewe of Astraea Grand Marshal

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Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a festival of unmatched energy, color, and community spirit. Central to this celebration is the enigmatic Grand Marshal, a charismatic figure who leads the exuberant parades with a boundless energy that infuses life into the revelries. In New Orleans, the Grand Marshal isn’t just about leading a parade; it is a symbol of dedication, inspiration, and commitment to the greater community. Within the Krewe of Astraea, this unique tradition recognizes one individual who has gone above and beyond to support the Star Academy community of educators. This year, Crissy Klober, Magnolia Middle School’s Assistant Principal, was honored with the title of the 2023 Krewe of Astraea Grand Marshal.

Crissy’s journey into the world of education was strongly influenced early in life by her summer visits with her Aunt Lorett, a second-grade teacher in Beebe, Arkansas. These precious summers were filled with classroom preparations for the upcoming year, heartwarming reunions with former students, and witnessing her selfless acts of kindness to students in need. Above all, what left an indelible mark on young Crissy was the boundless joy and fulfillment that teaching brought to her aunt’s life. These experiences ignited an aspiration within Crissy to follow in her aunt’s footsteps and become an educator.

Her love of sports also played a significant role in her teaching career. Active involvement in basketball, softball, and volleyball instilled in her a passion for coaching and mentoring. Recognizing her potential to merge her dedication to helping students succeed with her enthusiasm for sports, Crissy made the unwavering commitment to dedicate her life to the field of education.

What sets Crissy apart is a unique blend of compassion and high expectations. As an administrator of Star Academy, she is more than just a leader; she is a mentor, guide, and advocate for both students and colleagues. She not only is a fierce champion for the program, but her commitment and belief in the program is evident. She graciously extended her hospitality to host more than one hundred educators at Magnolia Middle School last summer for professional development.

Her approach is more than just professional; it’s personal. She takes the time to learn the name of every student in her school and purposely builds relationships with each one. It is not about making students feel seen; it’s about setting high expectations and accepting nothing less than their best. Her students respond to her dedication with a desire to excel, wanting to make her proud. This is not just a one-way street; her high standards extend to her teachers as well.

In the words of Principal DJ Graham, Crissy Klober is a “rockstar educator.” Her love for her work is palpable, and it is not just about instilling knowledge but also nurturing the hearts and minds of her students. Her dedication aligns seamlessly with Magnolia Middle School’s theme, “Heart of a Panther.” In the truest sense, Mr. Graham believes that Crissy embodies the very heart of the school, making her a true asset to both the campus and Star Academy. Her unwavering commitment also aligns with Superintendent Skipper Ward’s challenge to “win for the kids.” She undoubtedly represents a “win” for the students, Magnolia Middle School, and Star Academy.

So, what is it that we can we learn from Grand Marshal, Crissy Klober? Her journey from an inspired child to a dedicated educator is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. Her commitment to her students and her unwavering belief in their potential make her a beacon of inspiration for all educators and individuals alike.

In an era where futures are shaped by the quality of education, it is individuals like Crissy Klober who leave an indelible mark on the lives of their students. The Grand Marshal’s honor is not just a recognition; it’s an inspiration. It is a reminder that the path to excellence is paved with unwavering dedication, high standards, and a heart full of compassion.

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